Can THC Help Prevent Transplant Rejection?

In 2015, a group of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of South Carolina published a study to test the effects of THC on skin grafts. According to this study, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the main compounds of the cannabis plant, can help delay rejection in incompatible organ transplant patients by activating cannabinoid CB1 receptors in immune cells.

“More and more research is identifying potential beneficial effects of substances contained in marijuana, but a major challenge has been identifying the molecular pathways involved,” said John Wherry, deputy editor of the magazine Journal of Leukocyte Biology, in a statement.

Source: Can THC Help Prevent Transplant Rejection? – Sensi Seeds

Israeli Study Says CBD May Mean Less Chemo, Better Results For Cancer Patients

In cancer treatment, can you have less chemo, and better results? New research exploring cannabinoid therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy suggests so.

New research exploring cannabinoid therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy suggests cannabis could mean less chemo, better results for cancer patients. This new research is yet another possible avenue for cannabis therapy in a holistic approach to cancer treatment.

It may be early days yet, but the scope of research into cannabis for cancer is quite convincing. First, studies have evidenced the preliminary anticancer properties of cannabinoids. Second, the plant is already an established conjunctive therapy with chemotherapy. And now, cannabis has the potential to increase the value of conventional chemotherapy treatment? It’s hard to imagine a future where cannabis isn’t an essential aspect of cancer treatment.

Source: Israeli Study Says CBD May Mean Less Chemo Better Results For Cancer Patients

Cannabis Significantly Reduces Symptoms of Gastroparesis

Researchers concluded, “This role in pain management represents a breakthrough for gastroparesis-associated abdominal pain treatment, for which there are currently no validated therapies.”

Source: Study: Cannabis Significantly Reduces Symptoms of Gastroparesis – NORML – Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

Remind me again why this miracle plant is illegal to grow or even possess?