Mt. Pleasant Candidate Forum


I hope to see some Libertarian faces in the crowd tomorrow.

Please join me if you can.

2020 Campaign Kickoff



On Thursday, October 24th, I will be officially kicking off my 2020 campaign for county commission and you are cordially invited to join me. Grab a cold beer and tell me about your hopes and concerns for our rapidly growing community. It would be a privilege to meet you and your loved ones. Together, we can ensure of future of peace and prosperity for our county and our nation.

Campaign Kickoff

Thursday, October 24th

7:00pm – 10:00pm

Cabarrus Brewing Company, 325 McGill Ave. NW, Concord, NC 28027


You can RSVP (If you like) on Meetup,

or Facebook,




I am happy to announce that I will be a candidate for Cabarrus County Commission in 2020.
This election was just a start.
Thank you for your continued support…

Thank You



I appreciate all 8,375 of my neighbors who voted for me. I ended up with 4.14% of the vote in a contest with seven candidates.

This is the first time I have run for office since 2010. I raised less than $500. I spent less than a thousand and I have over $400 left over. I managed my own campaign. I put up my own website. I managed my own social media. I put out every LP yard sign by myself. I did not receive a dime from a registered Libertarian living in Cabarrus County.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not!
Am I disappointed? Not at all! I am happy, pleased and pumped.
I worked my ass off, by myself and I kicked ass!

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Independent Tribune Candidate Profile


The candidate profile is published online here,…


I am a 1984 graduate of Central Cabarrus High School, having lived in Cabarrus County since 1972. I am a self-employed journeyman electrician with over 36 years of experience. I served as volunteer youth basketball coach for 15 years (Cabarrus County Parks & Rec. and Philadelphia Presbyterian Church). I currently serve as an officer in a local fraternity. For a snapshot of my 20-year political career, please visit


Why are you the best candidate?

I am the only truly independent candidate. My only special interest is to serve the citizens of our county. I am the only local candidate, for any office, with the courage to truly tackle our tragic opioid crisis. Twenty-nine states and D.C. has some sort of legal cannabis (marijuana). Where there is safe access to legal cannabis, opioid-related overdoses have dropped by at least 25 percent. Some states are allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis in lieu of opioid painkillers. I call on the county to declare a public health emergency and immediately decriminalize cannabis and allow patients to grow their own medicine. Cabarrus County should be on the cutting edge of compassion by protecting our God-given right to self-medicate ourselves with natural and organic plants. The war on cannabis is a war on Nature and Humanity and anyone who doesn’t believe this is ignorant, anti-science and downright wrong!

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Independent Tribune – Stonewall of Silence



The deadline for submitting my county commission candidate profile was October 15th. The IT has yet to publish our candidate profiles yet early voting started back on October 17th.

I sent an email to the reporter who sent me the profile for me to answer. This reporter has always been courteous and prompt in our email exchanges. I have nothing personal to hold against this reporter. The buck stops on the editor’s desk, the same editor who has ignored me and my family for the past 495 days.

Below is the email I sent to the reporter yesterday. I have yet to hear back from them.

I edited out the personal greeting I gave to the reporter to protect her identity…

I was just wondering when the county commission profiles will be published?

Over 10,000 votes have been cast so far. It would have been nice to have some of them see our profiles first.

I totally understand. The editor runs the show. I understand elections have consequences. I understand the cozy relationship Mark has with the incumbents. I am not as dumb as I look. Despite being nothing but respectful to Mark, he obviously despises me and cares very little about my father, who I brought by Mark’s office 494 days ago about a story concerning developers cheating my family. I laid a gift in his lap. What “journalist” would pass up a chance to shine a light on out of state multi-millionaire developers cheating a Korean War Navy Veteran and his disabled wife? I have never been so disappointed in someone than I have with Mark.

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473 Days of Silence and Disrepect



Paging Mr. Mark Plemmons….
It has been 473 days since I brought my Korean War Veteran father to your office to introduce him and tell our family story.

473 days of deafening silence…

Ironically, that was just before the county commission meeting where I spoke and introduced my father and told my family’s story. Not a peep. Not a “Thank you for serving our country, Mr. Hill” or anything…

Just 473 days of deafening silence and disrespect from Mark and his paper. 473 days since the GOP county commission ignored my veteran father.

What would you do in my shoes, Mark Plemmons?