Thomas at UNC-Greensboro Free Speech Zone protest in 2005

Thomas Hill has lived in Cabarrus County since 1972. He is a 1984 graduate of Central Cabarrus High School.  A journeyman electrician with 38 years of experience, Thomas grew up in his father’s electrical construction company.

Thomas understands how much impact small businesses and entrepreneurs have on our local economy.

Thomas is also the founder of Healing Our America, a grassroots libertarian service community that seeks to promote a positive and compassionate vision of libertarianism by engaging directly in voluntary acts of charity, community service and goodwill in local communities.

A member of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina since 1998, Thomas has spent the past 20 plus years spreading the ideas of Liberty at the local, state and national levels.

Below are a few highlights…

Development Director, Foundation For A Free Society
Campaign Manager, Julie Fox for Illinois Comptroller 2014
Executive Director, Million Vote March
Campaign Manager, Lee Wrights For President 2012
Libertarian Candidate, US House (NC-8) 2010
Region 8 Coordinator (NC), Campaign For Liberty
Chair – Executive Director, Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County
Congressional District Coordinator (NC-8), Ron Paul’s Rally For The Republic Counter-Convention (Minneapolis 2008)
Assistant Campaign Manager/Aide De Camp, Mary Ruwart For President 2008
Precinct Leader, Ron Paul 2008
Past Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Political activism honors include…
2012 Libertarian Party of Illinois Crispus Attucks Award for Libertarian Activist of the Year
2004 Libertarian Party of North Carolina Most Outspoken for Liberty Award
2003 Libertarian Party of North Carolina Most Valued Activist Award