EDC Executive Director Resigning


While I give Mr. Carney the best of wishes, I have some advice concerning his eventual replacement.

To facilitate the potential for explosive economic growth and radical relief for the sick, suffering, and dying here in Cabarrus, the EDC should endorse and promote the following initiatives…

Encourage the Sheriff to immediately end the unconstitutional and destructive war on cannabis and declare Cabarrus County a sanctuary county for the peaceful cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

Reach out to the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis and encourage them to introduce cannabis (marijuana and hemp) into their range of natural and organic research. This would attract the best minds in cannabis science to our community, with an influx of capital investment never seen into our local economy.

Everyday cannabis prohibition continues, our state and county lose the benefits of opportunity; the opportunity to facilitate massive economic growth while alleviating the suffering of sick citizens right here at home.

We have the natural right and duty to grow our own medicines and defend the rights of our neighbors to do the same.

Ending prohibition makes economic sense.

Ending prohibition makes moral and ethical sense.

Why do our political and community leaders lack the common sense to do what is right, just, and moral?

Read the press release from the Cabarrus EDC below…




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