Thank You



I appreciate all 8,375 of my neighbors who voted for me. I ended up with 4.14% of the vote in a contest with seven candidates.

This is the first time I have run for office since 2010. I raised less than $500. I spent less than a thousand and I have over $400 left over. I managed my own campaign. I put up my own website. I managed my own social media. I put out every LP yard sign by myself. I did not receive a dime from a registered Libertarian living in Cabarrus County.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not!
Am I disappointed? Not at all! I am happy, pleased and pumped.
I worked my ass off, by myself and I kicked ass!


I never, ever, want to hear someone say, “One person can’t make a difference.”, because you can. I did…

Imagine how well I can do when I rebuild the Libertarian base here in Cabarrus. I begin that task this morning.

I will be using my leftover funds to kickstart my effort to reorganize the Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County for 2020 and beyond, despite the personal debt I have because of my campaign.

If you believe I have earned your support, please give what you can…

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