Independent Tribune Candidate Profile


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I am a 1984 graduate of Central Cabarrus High School, having lived in Cabarrus County since 1972. I am a self-employed journeyman electrician with over 36 years of experience. I served as volunteer youth basketball coach for 15 years (Cabarrus County Parks & Rec. and Philadelphia Presbyterian Church). I currently serve as an officer in a local fraternity. For a snapshot of my 20-year political career, please visit


Why are you the best candidate?

I am the only truly independent candidate. My only special interest is to serve the citizens of our county. I am the only local candidate, for any office, with the courage to truly tackle our tragic opioid crisis. Twenty-nine states and D.C. has some sort of legal cannabis (marijuana). Where there is safe access to legal cannabis, opioid-related overdoses have dropped by at least 25 percent. Some states are allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis in lieu of opioid painkillers. I call on the county to declare a public health emergency and immediately decriminalize cannabis and allow patients to grow their own medicine. Cabarrus County should be on the cutting edge of compassion by protecting our God-given right to self-medicate ourselves with natural and organic plants. The war on cannabis is a war on Nature and Humanity and anyone who doesn’t believe this is ignorant, anti-science and downright wrong!


What are the major issues that you will work on?

The original purpose of government is to protect the lives, liberty, and property of its citizens. Nothing is more important than this charge. My number one priority is to tackle our opioid crisis. I believe in science and self-ownership. To deny safe access to safe, natural medicines is a crime against Deity and his creation. I won’t stand for it and regardless of the outcome of the election, I will fight to protect the suffering and dying patients throughout our county. I am not only willing to go to prison for my cause, I am prepared to die for it. Ignorance and superstition has ruled the roost in this county for too long. Gospel peddling preachers and their blind followers, the courts and so-called law enforcement are the biggest impediments to the cause of Liberty in our community. This will be my major focus if elected.



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