Cabarrus Magazine Profile


My answers for the Cabarrus Magazine’s October Issue Candidates Profile…


Q: What is the single biggest issue facing Cabarrus County? What is your plan to address that issue?

A: The opioid crisis. I call for the county to declare a public health emergency and immediately decriminalize cannabis (marijuana) in the county. In states with access to safe, legal cannabis, opioid-related deaths have dropped at least 25 percent. Cabarrus County should be on the cutting edge of compassion and defend its citizens’ God-given right to self-medicate safely.


Q: What is your stance on utilizing incentives to bring in companies to this area or keep existing ones?

A: Based on equality under the law and my interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, I morally oppose using economic incentives to favor certain, politically connected companies at the expense of other local businesses.
It is not the role of government to pick winners and losers in businesses which are private in nature. I realize my stance may cost me votes in the business community; however, I cherish standing on my own principles more than I do winning popularity contests. Somebody should take a stand – might as well start with me.


Q: What is something the county is not doing that it should be?

A: The county should do a better job of remembering the first charge of any government, at any level, which is to protect the life, liberty and justly acquired property of its citizens. This includes protecting the environment and our natural resources as we experience explosive and record growth. Our water supply is under duress from overconsumption and pollution run-off. The state government has failed in its duties and this places more responsibility on us, the folks who actually live here.

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