Commissioner’s Silence Convinces Me To Run



Cabarrus County Commission remains silent after facing a US Navy Korean War Veteran, my father, who has been cheated by out of state land developers! #cedarvalejustice

Taxation Is Intolerance



“Through taxation, pacifists are forced at gunpoint to pay for killing machines; vegetarians are forced at gunpoint to subsidize grazing land for cattle; nonsmokers are forced at gunpoint to support both the production of tobacco and the research to counter its impact on health. These minorities are the victims, not the initiators of aggression. Their only crime is not agreeing with the priorities of the majority. Taxation appears to be more than theft; it is intolerance for the preferences and even the moral viewpoints of our neighbors. Through taxation we forcibly impose our will on others in an attempt to control their choices.” –  Mary J. Ruwart, PhD.



Equal In Slavery



Sadly, the same rings true today. Our nation has sacrificed charity for entitlements, rights for privileges.

The Tide Is Turning



In North Carolina, there are now more than 100,000 more unaffiliated voters than Republicans.

We, the LPNC, are the fastest growing party in the state.

The tide is turning faster and faster…

#downwiththeduopoly #votegold #voteLibertarian