If we want to really improve our community’s economic AND medicinal well being, Cabarrus County would become a “sanctuary” county for cannabis (hemp/marijuana).

We don’t have to wait on Raleigh.

Our Sheriff has the constitutional authority to immediately decriminalize cannabis simply by edict. In states with legal access to cannabis, opioid overdose rates have decreased by 23% to 35%, teenage use of cannabis has dropped.

New research is announced almost on a daily basis, showing the promise of a safe and organic plant anyone can grow in their own garden.

The NC Research Campus should add and prioritize cannabis science, especially since it has shown much success in combating cancer.

Kannapolis could become the cannabis research capital of the world, bringing the best and brightest scientists in this emerging science to our community. That would bring billions of dollars of capital into our county.

Why am I the only person publicly advocating this in this county?


As our county continues to attract new businesses and residents, we need to maintain our ecological balance by holding developers responsible for any negative impact upon our shared infrastructure and environment.

We can welcome economic growth without sacrificing our principles and natural resources.


The county should encourage all farmers and rural property owners to plant hemp as a form of erosion control.

I will work closely with our Soil and Water Supervisors and Cooperative Extention office to help educate residents and farmers about the ecological benefits of hemp cultivation.


I will stand up for you and your family like I have stood up for mine…